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     The team at HireCarpetCleaners are true experts in their field and we couldn't be happier with their services.
     With their assistance, I found a candidate who was a perfect fit for my needs.
Tracey Peters29/04/2024
     The level of professionalism shown by my cleaner was unmatched, as she put in so much effort and dedication into her work, resulting in excellent results that exceeded all expectations.
Aaron Q.16/04/2024
     Hands down, these are the best cleaners in London! Their precision and constant updates made a huge difference.
Rhys T.21/03/2024
     We had a great experience with Hire Carpet Cleaners yesterday. The person who came by was so friendly and did an amazing job on our carpets, which were in dire need of cleaning after being stuck indoors for so long.
Charles G.11/03/2024
     From the moment they arrived, it was clear that Carpet Cleaning takes pride in their work - and it definitely shows in the results they delivered on our living room carpet and suite.
Shawn E.01/03/2024
     The sparkling clean state of my flat is all thanks to the amazing work of this stellar cleaning crew.
     Quiet but fast, the cleaner respectfully cleaned my mother's flat with impressive results for the carpet's cleanliness.
Kerry Cunningham05/02/2024
     The house was immaculately maintained, every inch of space was sparkling. I would happily book again and highly recommend its services.
     The promptness and attention to detail shown by Carpet Cleaners in their cleaning services never fails to impress me.
James Stevens15/01/2024
     I was so lucky to have hired this amazing cleaning team! Their politeness and professionalism left me in awe, while their work resulted in a perfectly cleaned house.
Karl S13/11/2023
     We had no issues regarding the performance of Hire Carpet Cleaners's office cleaning - professional quality carried out at a budget friendly price.
Philipp N.15/05/2023
      Cleaning Carpets did a fantastic job on my end of tenancy clean - they did everything that I asked for and more! Not only was I impressed, but so too was my landlord - he couldn't have been happier with the final outcome.
Bianca Gill02/05/2023
     After a hard day's work at Carpet Cleaning's domestic cleaning agency, my kitchen counters are remarkably smooth to touch; running a white glove test verified that no dust or dirt remained in sight after their departure.
Peter Morgan01/03/2023
      Hire Carpet Cleaners gave us terrific service when it came to our concerns - we are so very grateful for their speedy response and excellent workmanship!
Paul J.15/02/2023
     I'm not a young man anymore, and as I've gotten on in my years I've had a few nagging problems with my back and my joints. This has made everyday life quite the trial, especially when it comes to cleaning my own home. I hired Carpet Cleaners to clean my house as a one-off, but after that I knew I had to have a regular service from them! They went around absolutely everything, and double-checked that it was as clean as possible. Everyone I talked to was polite and friendly, and they don't charge much at all either!
Ken I.21/12/2015
     The grime and dirt in the bathroom made it unpleasant to live in our own house. Rent a Carpet Cleaner's fantastic team of professional cleaners helped us in dealing with it. The tiles were scrubbed clean to get rid of the hard water stains. The window frames were dust free and the glass shone like new. We are very happy with the service.
Trish K.19/08/2015
     I have a young child at home with me during the day and I work in the evenings. Neither my husband nor I have the energy to cope with housework in our limited down-time. That's why I called Cleaning Carpets to find out how much it would cost to do a regular clean of our house. The price was so low that I didn't hesitate to hire them! Now we all get more time to relax.
Theresa George 14/07/2015
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We are the best choice for thousands of commercial clients and individuals throughout London. Hire Carpet Cleaners Ltd is proud of providing our customers only with top quality cleaning services that suit your scaduale and budget.