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Sofa Cleaning that Makes Your Couch as Good as New

Sofa Steam CleaningYour sofa is obviously the most loved furniture in your house. You love to laze on it after a day’s worth of work, your kids like clambering all over it and making sofa forts, it is your pet’s favourite spot in the house and obviously, this is where your guests sit when visit you. With so much going on your couch, it is no surprise that it gets so dirty so quickly. A regular vacuuming is not enough to give your couch a good clean. What you need is the professional London sofa cleaning service of Hire Carpet Cleaners to make your sofa clean and fresh as when it first arrived.

Even if your sofa appears clean, there are probably a number of spores, dust mites, germs and other allergens and disease causing agents that are going to be living on it. Not to mention the fur that your pet sheds too. All these might cause health problems such as allergies, rashes, respiration problems and others. To avoid subjecting yourself and your family to such irritants, hire us for your sofa cleaning. Give us a call on Call Now! and rest assured that our powerful cleaning machines and our expert cleaners will make your home healthy and safe to live in again.

Hire Our London Sofa Cleaners Today and We will Leave Your Furniture Fresh and Healthy

At Hire Carpet Cleaners, we know that your furniture is expensive and dear to you, which is why we do not use any products or techniques that will damage your sofa. In fact, some of our cleaning techniques, such as steam cleaning, do not use any chemicals at all. Even in instances when we do, we make sure that the chemicals are neutral and extremely safe for a family environment. So you can rest assured that our upholstery cleaning in London will leave your couch clean, fresh and healthy in all respects.

In spite of all your efforts, there are chances that your precious sofa will suffer a spill or two. Liquids can get soaked into your upholstered fabric very quickly, making it more difficult to get rid of stains. Our sofa cleaning routine also involves stain removal. We use extremely safe but effective cleaning products that will extract the stain without ruining the colour or the texture of the fabric. Even then, if you want to make sure, we will do a sample cleaning of a patch on the back or underside of your couch.  If you are happy with the results, only then will we proceed with the rest of the upholstery cleaning.

Let Us Provide You with Excellent Sofa Cleaning in London

Sofa Cleaners across LondonThere might be instances when your pet or toddler has spilled or soiled the couch, the after effects of such a disaster might be difficult to get rid of. Our sofa cleaning services also include deodorization and dehumidification to remove moisture and unwanted odours from your couch. However, stains settle in pretty easily so a good way to prevent that is to get your sofa coated with a stain guard. Our London sofa cleaning services also include protective guarding that will not only prevent liquids from being soaked in, but also reduce the general wear and tear of your sofa fabric. In all, we provide a complete care package for your sofa and other upholstered furniture.

Our London cleaning team has worked in several homes and offices in the area and so has the experience and expertise to clean all kinds of stains from all kinds of materials. Still, if you are in doubt, you are welcome to discuss your cleaning job with one of our experts. Simply call us on Call Now! or visit us in person to learn how we can safely clean your house for you!

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